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Disinformation Analyst: HANDS-ON CRASH COURSE

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With hostile actors coming up with new ways to manipulate public opinion and blur the lines between what is true and false, there is a dire need for a strong response to the disinformation phenomenon. "Disinformation Analyst: Hands-on Crash Course" was created by an NGO and technology think-tank as a way to grow a new generation of skilled specialists who can join the global disinformation countering efforts. This digital course is based on 3-step disinformation analysis methodology and is tailored to provide all skills necessary to recognize disinformation in a short period of time. You will: • Learn the basics of discerning disinformation and misinformation • Study the main strategies used in crafting disinformation by dissecting real-life cases • Gain knowledge about narratives often used by government-managed media channels • Learn how to identify sources, assess the content they publish and circumstances surrounding it. Whether you are a concerned citizen, student, defense expert, diplomat, researcher, or a journalist - this course is a perfect stepping stone for those who may see their future in the disinformation countering sphere. All in all, this course takes 8 academic hours to finish. The curriculum consists of short theoretical videos created by experts, and hands-on quizzes so you can train yourself to better recognize and then analyse disinformation. At the end of the course, a final exam with beginner and intermediate level questions awaits you - don't worry, our lecturers will do their best to prepare you. After completing it, all participants will receive a verified certificate - for those who receive highest scores, will provide an opportunity to continue their training in practice.

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