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Welcome to the last step of the Civic Resilience Course for students!

Please fill in the survey after finishing the course. This 10–15-minute survey is also extremely important our team of researchers will assess how much your knowledge has improved and then work on future upgrades of the course.


After completing this free, 90-minute course, you will gain essential knowledge on what disinformation is, how it works, who spreads it, and most importantly - how to recognize it. The learning pathway is based on methodology and uncovers how disinformation can be recognized by applying the 3-steps method.

Moreover, you will get to analyse real life cases, identify harmful and false messages spread by hostile actors, uncover how various disinformation strategies work, and learn how to recognize a legitimate source from a fake one.

This course is fully digital, taught in English and is mainly designed for those who wish to step-up their media literacy skills and learn how to navigate information space with ease.

Please use Chrome browser to complete the course.

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