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Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI)

Describes a mostly non-illegal pattern of behavior that threatens or has the potential to negatively impact values, procedures, and political processes.

Such activity is manipulative in character, conducted in an intentional and coordinated manner

Actors of such activity can be state or non-state actors, including their proxies inside and outside of their own territory.


The European Union is moving towards a new standard of analyzing and responding to foreign information manipulation and interference.

A diverse range of actors has emerged who try to detect, understand, and respond - the defender community.

The EEAS' goal is to facilitate and contribute to the creation of an open-source, decentralized, and interoperable framework that increases the efficiency of sharing information.

Explore the Components of FIMI

A deeper understanding of Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) can be achieved by exploring its core elements. Each framework is a critical piece of our strategy against disinformation. Click on each to discover how they drive our collective efforts.

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