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Join Us for an Internship at

About Us: is an independent technology think tank and NGO specialized in disinformation research and educational media literacy campaigns. With a team of data analysts, IT experts, and a community of volunteer fact-checkers, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions to the challenges of countering online disinformation. Our work has been recognized globally, being featured in documentaries and making us one of the top leaders in the RoW100 list. 

Looking for an internship? Join the team at If you are a BA, MA, or PhD student and want to learn more about the disinformation environment, we have internship opportunities for you.

What You’ll Learn and Do:

  • Analyze Data: Develop skills in data analysis, finding patterns to understand the narratives and see the bigger picture

  • Study Digital Disinformation: Learn about how disinformation spreads online and how to recognize it.

  • Work On Your Own Projects: Have an idea? We will help you make it happen. Learn by doing your own research.

  • Work with Experts: Get advice and learn from people who have been studying disinformation for years.

  • Get access to our resources: We offer training and reading material to help you learn more about disinformation.

  • Work from Anywhere: No need to come to an office, you can work with us from wherever you are. But you are also welcome to join our office in Vilnius, Lithuania

Ready to join us? Fill out the form and tell us more about yourself

Need help or have questions? Email us at We’re here for you!

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