top of page  CIVIC RESILIENCE COURSE  aims to provide university students with all skills necessary to recognize disinformation they encounter in their daily lives.

After completing this free, 90-minute course, you will gain essential knowledge on what disinformation is, how it works, who spreads it, and most importantly - how to recognize it. 

The learning pathway is based on methodology and uncovers how disinformation can be recognized by applying the 3-steps method. Moreover, you will get to analyse real life cases, identify harmful and false messages spread by hostile actors, uncover how various disinformation strategies work and learn how to recognize a legitimate source from a fake one.


This course is fully digital, taught in English and is mainly designed for those who wish to step-up their media literacy skills and learn how to navigate information space with ease. 


Civic Resilience Course includes brief explainer-type videos from expert team with short quizzes in between to help you track your progress.


This is a beginner level course - if you are interested to gain even deeper knowledge on disinformation analysis, we encourage you to also register for the Disinformation Analysis: Hands-On Crash Course from 


Please leave your contacts through the form below to receive updates on the availability of the course. For more information, please check the F.A.Q. section bellow.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How "Civic Resilience Course" is taught?


After submitting the registration form, in order to evaluate your skill before the course, you will be asked to fill in the questionnaire on Typeform. Afterwards you will receive an invitation to BitDegree platform via email. There you will find explainer-type videos from our expert team and various exercises in regard to real life cases. Finally, in order to evaluate your skill after the course, we will once again be asked to fill in a similar questionnaire on Typeform.

When "Civic Resilience Course" is being held?


You can participate at your own free time and discretion. However, you will have a deadline to meet - we will inform you about it separately.

Do I need any additional devices?


No, all you need is your laptop or mobile phone. And to emphasise once again - the course is completely free.

Do I need to complete all 90 min at once?


No, however, we do not recommend pausing for more than 5 min.

What skills will I gain?


You will understand how various disinformation strategies work and learn how to recognize a legitimate source from a fake one. Also, you will receive a course certificate.

What is the goal of this project?


In the light of current events, the lack of media literacy throughout societies all around the world is more evident than ever. With false and misleading content being distributed daily and causing immeasurable harm, various research shows that the public is underequipped to recognize attempts to manipulate its opinion. With this project proposes to create a general disinformation resilience course and offer it to universities in the Baltic countries and beyond to address the need for media literacy activities.

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