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“Disinformation Analyst:  HANDS-ON CRASH COURSE ” developed by is meant to train future experts who can join global disinformation countering efforts.

This 8 academic hours digital course is based on methodology and uncovers how disinformation can be analyzed by applying the 3-step method. You will learn the basics of discerning disinformation and misinformation, gain knowledge about narratives often used by government-managed media channels, and study the main strategies and rhetorical techniques used in crafting false information.

During the course, you will get to dissect real-life cases of disinformation and learn how to identify sources, assess the content they distribute and circumstances surrounding it. 

This course is mainly designed for those who wish to gain a well-rounded understanding of the modern "post-truth" information sphere and learn to recognize disinformation or misinformation. The curriculum consists of theoretical short videos created by experts, and a hands-on beginner and intermediate-level quizzes to train yourself to better recognize disinformation as a citizen, specialist, official, student, diplomat, or journalist.  It is also very much for those who may see their future careers in countering disinformation as analysts. 

Excited to join? We are too! 

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