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Disinformation Analysis and Risk Management (DISARM)

An open-source framework designed for describing and understanding the behavioural parts of FIMI/disinformation.

It sets out best practices for fighting disinformation through sharing data & analysis and can inform effective action.

The Framework has been developed drawing on global cybersecurity best practices.

DISARM Framework

Disarm Foundation: The DISARM Foundation exists to keep the Framework open, protected, enhanced, promoted and supported — by and for the community of those responding to the challenge

Disarm Framework: The DISARM Framework provides a common playbook, language and approaches for diverse teams and organizations to coordinate their efforts and act in harmony

Explore the Components of FIMI

A deeper understanding of Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) can be achieved by exploring its core elements. Each framework is a critical piece of our strategy against disinformation. Click on each to discover how they drive our collective efforts.

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